If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re going to be happy with what was unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Like many hardcore gamers, you’re probably seeking the ultimate PC that is capable of playing all of the latest and greatest video games – not just something that can handle World of Warcraft, correct? The ASUS ROG GT51CH might just be a viable option for you, but will it be capable of handling every task you have planned? Let’s not waste any more time in finding out …

Have you looked at pictures of the ASUS ROG GT51CH? It looks like it is sitting there, dreaming of taking the world over …it really does look like a beast. It looks like it’s something that walked out of Transformers and it weighs a little over 50 pounds.

Special Features

If customizable lighting is your thing, then you’re going to be happy with this feature! That’s right, the PC cabinet comes with customizable lighting, which we personally find pretty cool.  The ASUS Aura lighting effects truly are amazing as they will allow you to choose from over eight million colors to customize with.

With this PC, you also have an ESS Sabre headphone digital-to-analog converter and amplifier. This gives you the option to decrease distortion as you’re improving base.

Responsible for powering the Asus ROG, you have the new i7-7700K processor, The base variant has a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card – that means it is capable of supporting VR and can handle even the most intense games.

You will have a total of 8GB of DDR4 RAM memory on board, as well as a 256GB solid state drive. If you are willing to put more cash into the PC, you can go for the ma configurations. The maximum configurations consist of dual GeForce GTX 1080 cards in SLI, a pair of 512 GB of PCIe solid state drives, 64GB of DDR4 RAM memory and a 3TB hard drive to complete the picture.

The GT51CH also has the ROG-exclusive Aegis III application. Via this application, gamers are able to overclock the processor, memory and graphics. The Turbo Gear will increase the processor speed up to 4.8GHz. ON top of all of this, Aegis III can be used in order to track your CPU/memory use, alter fan and lighting settings, track your download and upload status, and even warn you if you’re temperatures are getting to high.

At the time of writing this review, the pricing is unknown, however, we do know that ASUS plans on shipping the PC sometime this summer.


If you’re looking for a PC that is capable of handling the latest and greatest video games of today’s world, like Overwatch, then the Asus ROG GT51CH is a viable option. Right now, there are many hardcore gamers that are waiting for this beast to finally arrive.