LONRIC Rechargeable Flexible Folding Wireless Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard

In 1981, the first laptop, called the Osborne 1 was introduced as an alternative to stationary computers. NASA used the first line of laptops for communicating with astronauts in space. After a decade of messing with design, companies began to produce laptops that eventually became standard components in the office. However, despite it all, there were corporate customers that were complaining about the lack of portability, which made laptop manufacturers reduce the size of the keyboards. After decades of tinkering, manufacturers came up with foldable keyboards in order to address this portability problem. Today, you can easily find a flexible folding keyboard as there are many different ones on the market. Out of all of the ones currently available, today, I would like to take a look at the LONRIC rechargeable flexible folding wireless silicone Bluetooth keyboard – this is a keyboard I came across after a lot of research the other night …


Rechargeable – Many people like the fact that this keyboard is rechargeable. When it isn’t being used, it goes into sleep mode to save electricity. It will recharge in merely 2-3 hours by computers or a power adapter (this isn’t included). This means you don’t have to change the battery! When the light is red, it means it needs to be charged – when there’s no red light, it means it has a full charge.

Ultra-Flexible – This keyboard is made of high intensity and elasticity silicone gel. Don’t worry, because it’s odorless and non-toxic. It’s soft, foldable and responsive, just as you’d expect it to be. Since it’s wireless and lightweight, it’s easy to take with laptops, notebooks and smartphones.

Silent – Another feature that really stands out from the crowd is the fact that it’s silent. You can easily type on this keyboard in a library without worrying about disturbing others around you with your typing noise.

A Great Design – The virtual numeric keyboard is set perfectly on the alphabetical keys. It has a Num Lock to decide if the numeric keypad can work. The virtual numeric keypad doesn’t work in any other system other than the Window System.

Bluetooth 3.0 Technology – This keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.0. If your device comes with Bluetooth, there’s no need for the adapter.

Compatible Devices – It’s compatible with Windows/98/ME/2000/Vista/Win7/Win8/Mac OS – Windows mobile version 6.0 and above – Smartphones, like Samsung – Android Systems like MIUI/HTC/Samsung and ipads/iphones.

What Others Are Saying

At the time of writing this review, there was a total of 40 reviewers on Amazon giving this product 4.3 out of a possible 5.0 stars.  With phrases like “this makes me happy” and “I love this keyboard,” it is obvious that there are many happy customers.


Would I recommend this to a friend? I sure would and that’s why I took the time to tell you about this keyboard. If you’re looking for a keyboard that is easy to fold up and carry around, then this LONRIC rechargeable keyboard would be a great choice.