At the CES this year in Las Vegas, we got the opportunity to come face to face with so many wonderful inventions – some inventions were out of this world and appeared to be extremely useful. One of the inventions that was revealed would be the Nemonic, which was revealed by the Samsung-funded Korean startup, Mangoslab. Is the Mangoslab Nemonic something you would be interested in? Let’s move forward and find out …

What is the Mangoslab Nemonic all about? Well, it’s basically the traditional adhesive note. You see, Nemonic features a pretty cool note taking app that you can use in order to write down and organize handwritten, or even finger-drawn notes.

Mangoslab decided to take things a step further by including a companion printer that you can use to print these notes – you can stick them anywhere you chose, just like you would use the traditional post-it note. Through this method, you’re not losing the feel of a handwritten note.

The printer design may remind you of the shape and size of a stack of notes and Mangoslab designed it so that it can sit on your desk, just like the stack of adhesive notes would. There’s no need to worry about cords, because it can wirelessly connect to your phone. There’s even a Nemonic app you can use in order to print the notes out.

So, what’s the technology behind this device? Two words: Thermal Printing.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now – you’re worried about spending too much money on the paper.  You may feel as if it’s easier and cheaper to get the traditional stack of adhesive notes. Here’s the deal breaker – the thermal note paper is going to cost around the same price as the traditional adhesive notes. As for the printer itself, it will cost between $100 to $120 when it goes on sale. You only have to buy the printer once, so that’s a one-time fee.

Many of you may feel as if the price on the printer is a little steep, but there are a variety of added features that you may be interested in. For starters, there’s a template gallery, which will give you the option to start your notes out on templates – you could start out on a calendar, for example.  You can also print out word bubbles, QR codes, and even grocery lists.  It’s all done in black and white, but the Nemonic app is capable of printing out photos as well – if you don’t mind black and white photos (those actually look cool), this shouldn’t be a problem.

The notes that are printed out should last up to five years. Here’s what’s really cool – regardless of what you choose to print out, this printer doesn’t require ink or toner, even if you’re printing photos. Personally, I find this feature pretty impressive. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the printer will pop out the notes in less than five seconds.

Mangoslab is a spinoff of Samsung’s C-lab. This is an electronic company based in Korea that first launched the startup incubator back in 2016. Samsung has given them all of the tools needed in order to get them going, as well as the monetary funding – this is one of the
first companies to show off their work since C-Lab opened up.


Does Mangoslab Nemonic sound like something you may be interested in? Personally, I believe it is worth buying the printer just to have this cool gadget that will print out your own sticky notes.