Nabi Aristotle Voice Assistant for Kids

The Nabi Aristotle Voice assistant for kids was announced at CES in Las Vegas this year – what is it? It’s a voice-activated smart assistant. What does it do? It can answer questions for you and your kids. When you run out of diapers, it can order more for you and it can sooth your babies back to sleep automatically. It can even play with your kids and it might just be the most exciting thing Mattel has ever produced.

At first glance, you may think that the Aristotle is simply an Amazon Echo clone for children, but it goes much deeper than this. This is a fully functioning Amazon Alexa assistant – it has the capabilities of answering the same adult questions, and has all of those nice smart-home capabilities. If you say “Aristotle,” instead of saying “Alexa,” it’ll use a different voice assistant that was specifically designed to interact with kids.

The speaker is voice-activated and comes with a wireless camera that is capable of streaming 256-bit encrypted video straight to your phone. It also comes with a large array of colorful LEDS, as well as special software.

Additional Features

Mattel claims that the Aristotle has a ton of different features.

Sooths the Baby Back to Sleep

For starters, it can automatically recognize when the little one has woke up and sooths them back to sleep with white noise, a lullaby, a night-light or a favorite song.

Keep Logs

The Nabi Aristotle Voice Assistant can log wed diapers and feedings through a phone app or voice commands.

Automatically Orders More Diapers or Formula

What’s neat about this device is that it can automatically order more diapers or formula for you from Babies R Us, Target, and other participating retailers.

Searched for Deals

The device can automatically search for coupons and deals on consumable baby supplies, helping you save money.

Answers Questions

It automatically recognizes and answers children’s questions. In order to set up the voice recognition technology, a brief voice recognition training session will need to be done.

Plays Games

Aristotle enjoys playing guessing games with children. For example, guess the animal noise or the name of the shape that is held up to the camera, then it lights up with the correct answer.

Reads Book, Hosts Sing-Alongs and Teaches ABC’s and 1-2-3s

The device can read from a selection of dozens of books, offering sound effects as well as light to go along with the story. Apart from this, the device can also host sing-alongs, teach children their ABC’s and 1-2-3s.

Recognizes Toy

If a toy has been embedded with NFC chips, it can recognize the toy and offer sound effects as the child plays with it. Take the Hot Wheels racetrack as an example.

Teaches Manners

The device requires the child to say “please” when they ask a question.

Apart from all of those amazing features, Aristotle can also help with homework and give foreign-language lessons. Mind you, the foreign-language lessons are targeted more so towards tweens.