Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

Using state of the art technology this voice conferencing system delivers excellent performance, though with a hefty price tag. Call clarity ranks as the primary strength, with superb noise cancellation features also noted, and only a few minor functionality issues.

Professional Look

A sleek and professional look, though one reviewer does refer to it as resembling a “starfish getting busy with a calculator”, the unit also offers extension microphones for easy customization to fit any conference room or office. Simple integration with the Polycom HDX video conferencing system makes for a true in-person experience.

Easy to Setup

Quick and easy setup, with most users quoting around a 15 minute installation time, being another primary advantage. While connection to other existing systems is also easy and available within a wide range of SIP systems. As a common issue is incompatibility with different manufacturers, especially when dealing with electronics, this attribute can be incredibly important.

What Others are Saying

Very few users expressed any issues with the overall technical quality of the unit, though one user did mention an issue with echo. There are concerns over poor technical support and instruction from Polycom. With most of these problems being solved by either the local sellers or online resources. It should be noted that Polycom does not offer end user support, leaving it to the resellers to fix these problems.

By far the most frequent comment is the superb sound quality. Many users claiming that it sounds as if the person is there in the room with you. Recipients were also equally impressed with the quality on the other end of the call. As the defining purpose of an audio conferencing system is to effectively deliver voices over the line this must be of utmost importance, and where this system stands out.
Overall this conferencing phone received high marks, most especially on audio quality and ease of use. While a few buyers were disappointed with technical support, and several mentions of the high cost of the system, most were happy with the purchase and highly recommend the unit. At the time of this writing 17 of 22 were favourable, with the majority of those being five star. In addition, several of the unfavourable reviews were not actual issues with the system but with the seller or delivery.


While there are many less expensive options on the market, if sound quality is a high priority then this top of the range system is a good value. The additional features of connectivity and compatibility simply build on that solid base to deliver exceptional performance in an attractive package. Just be sure to get it from a reputable dealer with good support.