Wair Anti Pollution Scarf

Air pollution can definitely put a damper on your health, especially if you live in a big city. When you breathe in dirty air day in and day out, it can really wreak havoc on both your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Sometimes, according to experts, dirty air can even lead to premature death. For those of you that live in cities that are packed full of harmful smog, there’s not a whole much you can do, besides going for some odd products that don’t make sense. Take the bottled fresh air, as an example …how much sense does that make? You could always just avoid the outdoors altogether, but that really doesn’t sound like a viable option.  I do have one other option for you – an option that makes total sense. It’s called the Wait Anti-Pollution Scarf.

Introducing the Wair Anti-Pollution Scarf

Clausette, a French startup, is hoping this scarf (called Wair) will become popular and help people in cities. This startup has transformed the everyday fashion accessory into a pretty cool device. The device is supposed to filter out those harmful pollutants, as well as bacteria that can be found in poor air.

How Does the Wair Work?

Inside the scarf, there’s a small filter and sensor – don’t worry, it’s hidden. In fact, you probably won’t even know it’s there. This sensor is responsible for removing pollen, bacteria, and pollution up to level of PM0.1. This is referring to ultra-fine particles that are less than 0.1 microns.

The device never stops working (unless you tell it to). It will constantly monitor outside pollution and send you air quality updates. Wait, it gets better! If you really want to avoid those overly polluted areas, it will suggest travel routes you can take – this is done through a companion app called Supairman.

There are various colors and styles available, ranging from wrap-around scarves to black neck tubes. At the time of writing this review, the Wair can be found between $50 to $92.

Benefits of the Wair

Protect You from the Pollutants Outside
Protects You from Bacteria in the Air
Suggest Alternate Travel Routes so that You Can Avoid Pollutant Filled Areas


Time and time again, people develop health conditions, or pass away at a young age simply because they lived in an environment that was packed full of pollutants and bacteria. If you are currently living in a city that is filled with smog, or you plan on living in the city in the near future, then now would be a great time to purchase the Wair. Mind you, I’m not just telling you this so that you will buy it – whether you buy it or not is your choice – I am telling you this, because I care about your future and understand what it’s like living in a city where the air is unclean.